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Verkehrsgewerkschaft GDBA

Founded 60 years ago as union of the German Railway Civil Servants and Trainees (GDBA) the GDBA has developed to a democratic union for traffic and transportation now called "Verkehrsgewerkschaft GDBA", open to all trade groups and fellow labour groups.

The Verkehrsgewerkschaft GDBA represents the interests of employees of the Bahn Konzern, of transportation, service, and telecommunication enterprises.

Its membership is comprised of both employees and civil servants, as well as a large number of colleagues that even after retiring from working life still stand firmly with “their” union.

With more than 300 local chapters and about 4,000 union representatives in the Federal Republic the Verkehrsgewerkschaft GDBA has remained close to where things are happening for over 55 years. At our local branches, competent personnel is ready to assist every member with any counsel and support they require.

The Verkehrsgewerkschaft GDBA is one of the largest partners of its umbrella organisation, the dbb beamtenbund und tarifunion (dbb), whose individual unions represent more than 1.2 million members in all.

In order to achieve an effective representation of its members, the Verkehrsgewerkschaft GDBA also cooperates with other unions.

The Verkehrsgewerkschaft GDBA is not bound to the politics of any political party but dedicated exclusively  to pursuing the interests of its members. The independent gdba-jugend offers a platform to young people to participate in union activities.

The Verkehrsgewerkschaft GDBA

The Verkehrsgewerkschaft GDBA

The Verkehrsgewerkschaft GDBA

offers together with its partners a comprehensive insurance service package that is already included with membership fees, with useful upgrades offered at a low  price.

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